Friday, September 30, 2016

Brisbane L'Arche Celebrates Family Day

L'Arche Community Brisbane September 2016
Today is L'Arche International Family Day for 2016. From our community in Brisbane Australia we send our love, solidarity, prayer and blessings to our sisters and brothers in 147 communities across 35 countries.
In 1993 by the International Federation dedicated the first Saturday each October as L'Arche Family Day: a day to pray for all the communities worldwide, to raise consciousness of the international aspect of L'Arche and to raise funds for L'Arche International or for Solidarity.
L’Arche Family Day strengthens the bonds among communities. It sensitizes L’Arche members to the needs of those communities that are facing particular challenges. “The same sense of communion unites the various communities throughout the world. Bound together by solidarity and mutual commitment, they form a world-wide community.” L’Arche Charter  L’Arche communities are open and welcoming to the world around. They form an integral part of life in their localities.

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