Sunday, September 28, 2014

L’Arche Brisbane celebrates L’Arche International Family Day

On Saturday 4th October L’Arche Communities across the world will join each other in a time of prayer and thanksgiving .
As a Community we are holding a liturgy at St. Francis of Assisi Church 47 Dornoch Terrace West End from 10.30am.  We thought it most appropriate to hold our prayer time here as it is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi on the 4th October. This will be an ecumenical liturgy and we would like to invite priests, reverends, pastors and members of the church communities, especially those  who welcome our Core Members,  to attend on the day.   
Following our time of prayer we will gather in Orleigh Park near the West End Ferry for a BYO picnic lunch. During this time we might like to share stories and basically enjoy spending time together.
Please free to come and join us for as much of this time as you can manage.

L'Arche is 50 years old! To be able to celebrate our Jubilee year is an amazing gift. When I welcomed Raphael and Philippe from a violent institution, little did I know that L'Arche would grow into the world wide network it is today.  So many people over these years have come to L’Arche and discovered the deep value of people with intellectual disabilities, who if accepted, loved and honored have much to give to our world.  Let us all go forward into the next 50 years with much hope and intentionality, growing but also deepening our vision and letting ourselves be continually transformed by the relationships we share in our communities so that we may become an ever more inspiring presence for our world.
Jean Vanier

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