Friday, October 4, 2013

Brisbane L'Arche Community Day 2013

On the first weekend in October, this year on Saturday October 5 we celebrate our belonging to a  worldwide federation of communities and the gift of L’Arche to all of us. 
• L’Arche communities connect with one another and learn about one  another.

Why We Celebrate L’Arche Family Day

• L’Arche Family Day strengthens the bonds  among communities.
• It sensitizes L’Arche members to the needs of  those communities that are facing particular  challenges.

• On Family Day the story of L’Arche is shared  through talks, interviews and public events.
• In one region Family Day is marked by an  exchange of visits among communities.
• One community makes and sells soup and  biscuits for Sunday lunch for all the churches  in its town and gives the profit to Solidarity.  Another community makes and sells desserts from different countries.

How does this Tradition Connect to the Core Values of L’Arche

• “The same sense of communion unites the various communities  throughout the world. Bound together by solidarity and mutual  commitment, they form a world-wide community.” L’Arche Charter
• “L’Arche communities are open and welcoming to the world around. They  form an integral part of life in their localities.” Key Elements Document, 6

(text from Key Traditions of L'Arche Communities L'Arche Canada)

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