Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrating 10 Years of L'Arche Brisbane

Join L'Arche Brisbane as we celebrate our 10th Birthday in 2013

What is important for L’Arche today? (from an interview with jean Vanier November 2004)

JV: To live simply, to love deeply, to address conflict, to forgive, to celebrate and laugh together. Celebration is different from comedy, such as we see in films. Celebration is something that grows out of valuing our diversity, and it rises up readily in L’Arche. Our world needs to see people who are fundamentally happy and committed to peace and to justice. To see people living together in this way gives hope – it is a little sign that love is possible, that committed relationships are possible. L’Arche is called, as is each person, to move into the future with wisdom, holding onto what is precious in the past but not weighed down by it – open, living in the present in the world, not closed off. The force that comes from God helps us in this.

Our anniversary day is March 17 the feast day of St Patrick.We give thanks for the people who had the vision and the trust in God to commence this project. We also thank the Core Members Peter, Jason, Anthony, Sheena, Jenny and Danny for their gifts and their teaching over these years.We also give thanks  for the Assistants who said 'yes' and came to live alongside of the Core Members and all the dedicated and faithful Community Members and Friends.

May our next 10 years offer such life and love and we are mindful each day that none of this would possible without the unconditional love of God. Blessings to you all.
You can read a report of our March 17 Celebration in the April Newsletter.

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