Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Trivia Night Fundraiser

Did you know that London  hosted the 1908 Olympics? Did you know that Australian Edwin Flack won Australia's first Olympic gold medal in 1896?  These and other intriguing bits of trivia were part of our fundraising night at Oliver Plunkett Hall on July 28th.

We also had some L'Arche Trivia including:  in  how many countries will L'Arche Communities be sitting down to dinner on July 28 2012? Send your answer in the comment box below.

The night was a mix of quiz, raffles, silent auction and a sumptuous  supper of soup, quiche, cakes and drinks. We filled 11 tables with 8  guests at each and had more friends staffing the kitchen all night. Our households from Alex Hills and Morningside joined in the action. A special "vote of thanks" to Bill and Alison Semple who co-ordinated the evening and sourced prizes food and participants!!!!

L’Arche Brisbane would like to acknowledge the assistance we have received from:
Bare Therapies, Alderley
Grub Street Gaythorne

We are grateful for the assistance from:
Kelly Bennett, Lyn Fulton
Aaron Nelson prepared the questions!
And members of our community have donated prizes, baked, sold raffle tickets and ‘bogged in’. THANKS!

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