Sunday, October 23, 2011

Welcome Claire and Lesley!!

Our next Community Gathering is set for Saturday 29th October 2011. This gathering is part of the visit to our Community by our Accompaniment Team which consist of Claire Lawler and Lesley Lewis. Claire and Lesley visited the Community in 2007 and again in 2009 so we are looking forward to welcoming them again this year.

Claire and Lesley will spend time in the Community from Wednesday 26th October (afternoon) to Sunday 30th October ( mid-morning). During the time they are with us they will meet with members of various groups ( Board, Community Council, Spiritual Life Group) and spend time in each household. This gathering gives the wider Community of L’Arche Brisbane the opportunity to meet up with Claire and Lesley. It also gives them the opportunity to meet with  the wider Community members.

“The main purpose of an Accompaniment Team is to support the Community in what is being lived – to listen, to encourage and challenge the Community to face the issues and questions that are present.”

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