Friday, July 29, 2011

Community News for August

The election for Community Council resulted in Geoff Fry, Pam Kerr, and Gladysmay O’Hara being the elected representatives to join the group and have been welcomed.

Sue Lewin led us well for the Solidarity Day which was another rewarding time when we looked at various aspects of the International Charter and other aspects of where we could voice our own opinion for Atlanta 2012..Michael Hutchinson has duly forwarded the Report of the day to International HQ for inclusion in the planning process.

Kathy Bourke is on leave until October.

We welcome seven people as Discerning Members of Brisbane L’Arche, may they decide wisely and well as to the role they might hold amongst us.

The Carah family hosted Evelyn and Maria Tierney from Perth Friends of L’Arche, for several days. They went to Alexandra Hills on Wednesday evening and joined in for the Fund Raiser on Thursday.The Fund Raiser on the 21st July was successful as well as being most enjoyable. We give thanks for the support we had there.

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  1. Well Done to the new members and for those who stood for election.