Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Community Day June 2011

On Saturday 25th June the Community gathered to have a Community Day. We opened the day with our usual prayerful greeting of recognising the Light of Christ in each person present. We then broke open the easy words version of the report from L'Arche International who complied all the responses from Communities in the Federation of L'Arche and we discussed if we agreed with the report and then how did we feel about what the report was saying. We have given our thoughts to Michael, our Community Leader who will tell the International Team our thoughts and feelings. Briefly we agreed with what was written and think that the report is on the right track.

Anthony brought along his game of Noughts and Crosses and people had a lot of fun playing this and teaching a few Assistants how to play. There was a lot of laughter coming from where they set up the game outside.

We had a few willing helpers to ensure that the sausages were well cooked without being burnt crisp. I am not sure that we are Master Chef standard yet but there were no complaints.

Some people showed their creative side through making some nice cards. This is always a favourite activity of Sheena and Fran but some others were keen to be part of this and trn some cardboard into a beautiful card that will give someone else joy.

We had a simple but meaningful liturgy around our individual "Yes" to being a member of L'Arche Brisbane. People came forward and placed a lighted candle on the outline of the L'Arche symbol to show their commitment to the Community. Each person then received a prayer card that they could place on their fridge to remind them of their commitment daily and to be able to prayer for the other members of our Community.

All in all it was a good day where we just enjoyed being together. Have a look at our pics of the day in the photo album!!

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