Friday, March 25, 2011

Latest news from Japan and Ivory Coast


The first letter comes from Masashi Nishida, community leader in Kana-no-ie, Japan. The community is not near the disaster area but the community’s solidarity with those who are now suffering runs very deep.

Dear friends,

We, members of Kana-no-ie are so grateful to all of you for your prayer and warm thoughts to u

s at Kana-no-ie and the Japanese people, especially the victims and all the people suffering.

Now 10 days after this most destructive earthquake and terrible tsunami, there are still over hundreds of thousands of refugees, over ten thousands missing people and the bad situation of the nuclear power plant is continuing.

Meanwhile, at Kana-no-ie in Shizuoka city, we are maintaining our ordinary daily life. Every morning I go for a walk and see many flowers blooming and young birds practising catching fish in the stream. If I avoid TV or information on the Internet, I can feel things in Japan are not so bad.

But the reality is that 600 km far way from Kana-no-ie there is much suffering, sorrow, pain, terrible devastation, broken communities, dangerous radioactive contamination. If we see Japan as a single body, that has suddenly suffered terribly damage and cancer, these should be my own issues as well.

We have already

started to provide relief to the refugees through donations. I would like to invite you "our friends" to contribute to the emergency restoration.

This is Caritas International Web-site

Please continue to keep the people suffering in your prayer.

With much thanks and love,

Masashi Nishida

The second letter is an update of the situation in L'Arche in the Ivory Coast from Martin Touré, L'Arche Delegate Coordinator in West Africa.

Dear Friends,

The crisis which the L’Arche community shares with the families and the rest of the country since 2002 remains worrying and stressful, with concerns about food shortages, lack of medication and outbreaks of violence. Each lives the crisis in his or her own way. Last Sunday I and an assistant from Bouaké tried to get supplies for the community. But it was impossible to do the shopping, due to the ever present shooting in the streets. We hear that some people have been burnt alive. This situation has lasted two days and it is still not clear when Bouaké will get its supplies. Koffi, the community leader has been trying to ensure the survival of the community, through his contacts. But this too is not without personal risks.

Thank you to all of you who try to bring us comfort and perseverance in the mission of L'Arche. Your prayer and any other kind of support continue to renew our spirits. You offer us hope that our communities, families and our country as a whole will emerge from this tragic crisis with mercy, forgiveness and the peace of the Father.

Martin Touré, Delegate Coordinator

You can email your messages of support to the communities in Ivory Coast via Martin’s address:

Thank you for renewing your prayer for these members of our family caught up in national disaster. It is obvious that they need us at this time: just as true – though perhaps less obvious – is the fact that we also need them. Our communities are always living ups and downs; sometimes, we don’t see a way through. Today, in the name of us all, across the world, our sisters and brothers in community in the Ivory Coast and Japan are keeping alive a small candle of hope: peace is possible.

Jim Cargin

International Communications Coordinator

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