Sunday, November 7, 2010

Community Gathering November 7 2010

If you look at our photo stream on the right hand side of this page you will see new images from our latest gathering. We met at our usual venue, St Oliver Plunkett Hall in Cannon Hill for Christmas Card making.

We had some time in prayer and welcomed Matthew who joined us for his first experience of L'Arche Brisbane.

The card making was a fun activity with busy groups at tables preparing greeting cards for our friends and supporters to be sent out with our Christmas blessings and good wishes.

As always it was wonderful to have both communities from Morningside and Alex Hills together to share news, community and the spirit of L'Arche.

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  1. The photo of Jason and Dharmendra with the Christmas cards all around is my favorite! Anthony had so much fun making them, he came back and began a list on people he wanted to send his own Christmas cards too!