Thursday, September 30, 2010

Board News: From 2010 Chairperson Carmel Towler

There has been a “changing of the guard” as Tony Robertson stepped down as Chairperson of L’Arche Brisbane at the AGM in November; however Tony remains on the board so we still get to have the benefit of his talents and humour. Each Newsletter we will have a Profile of Board Members so you get to know who we are. I thought best to begin with myself

I have been on the Board for three years, having held the position of treasurer for that time. I currently work in a disability organization. I am married to Milo, have three sons and two step daughters. All are now adults living their own lives in the community.

It’s an honour for me to be part of the Board of L’Arche Brisbane for my first experience as Chairperson. The Board is a lively committed group of experienced people offering what they can of their skills, time and energy to be part of the wider L’Arche community.

Acceptance of Brisbane to permanent membership of the Federation of L’Arche, was very special and an achievement of the past work of all members of L’Arche, especially Catherine Carah, Michael Hutchinson and the commitment of each core member, Danny, Sheena, Peter, Jenny, Jason, Anthony who have lived the L’Arche life in a beautiful spiritual way that has contributed to this achievement.

Board life

The following items are priorities presented from the Accompaniment Team from their visit to Brisbane late last year and items that were also identified from members through the various meetings. The list here are particularly related to the board and are areas our board will address during 2010.

Structure of meetings which encourage engagement, provide momentum and delegation of tasks to those present utilising their gifts, skills and networks.

Increase the membership of the Spiritual Life Group

Increase Accompaniers and identify roles for new Accompaniers.

Developing the Community Constitution.

Combined meetings of Board and Community Council – twice per year (in line with Board Mandate No. 7)

We are also busy looking at risk management issues we might consider as a Board. We held a workshop in April and have commenced developing a risk management framework so we can keep you informed in future on this.

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