Thursday, June 17, 2010

Community Weekend 2010 Michael Hutchinson Reflects

I would like to share with you about our Community Weekend that was held in June at Brookfield. The weekend built successfully on last year’s weekend where we looked at our belonging and commitment to the Community.

This year we worked together looking at what it means to belong to L’Arche and what is our commitment to the Community of L’Arche Brisbane.

Some really good work was done by the 35 participants at the weekend. We gained information that will assist us to deepen our relationships as a Community and strengthen our commitment to each other. There will more on this in future editions of our newsletter.

At the Community Weekend we also reconfirmed our individual Community Membership. This is our yes to being part of the Community for the next year. We held a simple but meaningful liturgy where each person lit a candle and placed it on the floor so that collectively we formed the outline of the L’Arche logo. It was a great affirmation of our commitment to each other, the Community and to being part of the Federation of L’Arche.

We also had a lot of fun together over the weekend. This was really lived out on Saturday night when we held “L’Arche has Talent”. We were treated to a great night of home grown entertainment, where people sang, danced and recited poetry to the great cheers of the crowd. It is great to be in relationship with each other and just enjoy being together.

We were fortunate to have Mike Noonan with us over the weekend. Mike was doing his last official visit as the Coordinator of the Asia-West Pacific Zone. The Zone has now disbanded under the structure that is being trialed by L’Arche. Australia will become its own entity as a country, having a National Coordinator in place of a Regional Coordinator. If you would like some additional information on these new structures please contact me.

Mike gave us an overview of the Communities in our neighbouring countries. He was able to give us a first hand report and view of the devastation from the floods in the Philippines and how the Community of Punla survived through that time. With this new structure it will be important for us to maintain our links with Communities in our region of the world.

We concluded our weekend with a liturgy where we washed each other’s feet. This is particularly important within L’Arche Communities, as it allows us to entre in deep communion with our brothers and sisters. To wash the feet of your companions in Community and allow them to wash yours is truly a grace filled time. There is no doubt that act is a sign of our mutual relationships and trust in God that are at the very heart of journey together.

I hope that your days are filled with wonder and delight and until we next meet and may you experience many Blessings.


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