Tuesday, May 18, 2010

L'Arche Brisbane Turns 7!

On Sunday 14th March, L’Arche Brisbane gathered at St Oliver Plunkett Parish Hall in Cannon Hill to celebrate our 7th birthday. Year after year seems to fly by as L’Arche Brisbane grows and our community bonds become even stronger.

Michael Hutchinson, our Community Leader, led the gathering through the telling of L’Arche Brisbane’s story, from it’s conception when the L’Arche International Community came to the attention of Hugh and Pat McGowan who worked together towards the birth of Friends of L’Arche Brisbane; through the setting up of the first household at Treetops in Bardon, the beginnings of the Morningside Household, the leaving of Treetops and the opening of the Alexandra Hills Household; to L’Arche Brisbane as we know it today – a Member of L’Arche International Federation. We were a little sad that Catherine Carah, our Founding Community Leader was unable to join us in the celebrations, but we felt still felt her presence as Jason, Peter, Danny, Anthony, Jenny and Sheena came to the centre of the gathering, and played out the story to Michael’s narration. Before a relaxed afternoon tea, the formal celebrations wound up with a rousing rendition of It’s You, It’s Me, It’s Community. There was no sitting about allowed, as Kathy Bourke led us all in clapping and dancing our way through our favourite song. L’Arche Brisbane is certainly worth celebrating, and we know how to do it with style!

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