Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi to everyone from the Morningside house

Hi from all of us at Morningside.

Our past months have seen many people have time with us around our table. We say a big thank you to Sue who took our chairs away and bought them back with new covers that will be easy to care for and bring freshness to our gathering place.

In our welcoming we had an evening with Peter Taylor, a long time member of the L’Arche community in Sydney, and a friend of us here at Morningside. Shelby Graham was also with us that evening. Shelby came along in March as an assistant for 3 months. Peter and Shelby both had plans to support school projects. Peter’s in Africa and Shelby’s in India. It was so good to hear the stories of the school project in Africa and the support of orphan in India. Peter, Danny, Sheena and Jenny asked Peter great questions and we have heard from Peter since his arrival in Africa with answers to the questions. We were really glad to hear the children had good food and were happy at school.

Shelby leaves for her time in India on June 9th. We will miss her very much. She was a happy person in our home. She loves drawing and really helped us to prepare for our R.C.D meetings. We have had a few house meetings where her drawing of our ideas really helped us to understand what we were sharing.

We will hold both Peter and Shelby in our prayers as they reach out and learn from the children in Africa and India.

We have welcomed Dimple and she is already giving joy and new life to us. We look forward to meeting another person from Canada, Katherine, in a few weeks.

Love from all of us!

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