Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello from Dimple and Dharmendra

Two new assistants Dimple at Morningside and Dharmendra at Alexandra Hills introduce themselves to the community.


Hi my name is Dimple Estocapio a new assistant at Morningside. I arrived last April 15, 2010 here at Brisbane and I was been picked up by Danny and Michael.I would like to share my life story before I had joined this community. I first started to be a volunteer with my brother Julius at L'Arche Punla in the Philippines for about a year and we are very happy whenever we are visiting this community. And during this times L'Arche brought me a different side of life that I was not expecting at all.

As, I've finished a bachelor's degree as a computer programmer and had a work experience for 3 years about this field. And I was not happy of what my life is even though I had accomplished this things. And L'Arche brought me an open eye in life that gives such a joy in heart and spirit that I have not yet experienced it that is why i gave up my career and go beyond to discover of what is L'Arche is.

So, I decided to apply to be an assistant at L'arche Canada. And happily I was accepted to part of L'Arche Winnipeg. I started to be an assistant at L'Arche Winnipeg in Canada last December 14, 2005. I was assigned to be at the house of the Anchor as my first home. In which I had shared and live with Michael, Russell, Jay and Gilles as the core members of this house for about almost three years. And I was moved to another house named Chimo and the core members namely Michelle, Anita, Ross and Kevin for about eleven months.

There are so many experiences and life giving moments that I had experienced with this community. But sadly then, I left the commnity and reflect on my life this past year of 2009 and I need to make a big decision and asking myself what is my calling? Do I have to be still be part of L'Arche? Do I have to move on in my life? As times passes by, Its hard for me to let go for the realtionship and foundation that I had been with L'Arche Winnipeg. But then, it keeps me always wondering which path should I go? So I prayed and Ask the Lord and helped me to decide which way must has be. And I had decided to join a new communtiy and I apply to be an assistant at L'Arche Australia and I am glad and very happy that I was accepted and giving me a chance to be part of L'Arche Brisbane. Currently, I am living with Kathy, Sameh, Danny, Sheena, Jenny and Peter here at Morningside. I remember and I wont ever forget how they welcomed me and be part of their house. And I am looking forward to share my joy, spirit, life and gifts in this community.


I met people from L’Arche Australia in my home Community, Nathan Kensey, Cameron Cutts, Catherine Carah and Eileen Glass. I asked Eileen if I could come to L’Arche in Australia. Eileen told me I could apply. I lived in Asha Niketan Bangalore for three years before coming to L’Arche Brisbane. I am living in the Alexandra hills house. I Like L’Arche Policy; it is not like working it is about living with people. I am learning many things from Anthony and Jason. I have enjoyed sharing life with many people and learning from each one of them.

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