Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Danny and Sam's trip to Tasmania

Monday night we arrived from Melbourne to Hobart. At the airport in Hobart Amilie, Sylvia and Heather welcomed us!

On Tuesday we went to the city. There we organized a map from the tourist information center to discover the historical buildings from Hobart. We also saw the two cathedrals, St. David`s and St. Mary`s. At St. Mary`s we met father Brian Nickels. Later on we went to Elisabeth St. for lunch and after that we went back to the L`Arche House no. 40. In the afternoon we went to see the royal botanic gardens. Later on we went to the new L`Arche house for dinner. There we met Jessica and Sharon. Jessica is the only assistance at the moment and Sharon a part-timer. Renee, Hanna and Jane are the three beautiful core members. After a very nice dinner we went to the other L`Arche house no. 21 for the birthday party from Shawn, one of the 4 core members in this house. The other core members are Tim, Rosie and Kathryn. It was a beautiful birthday party and everybody welcomed us and we met the other assistances, Lillian, Simone, and Rennie.

On Wednesday morning we went to mess in the Scared Hearts Church, where we met John Coleman. He invited us to come to his place on Sunday for lunch. After mess we went to the Tasmanian Transport Museum by bus, but it was closed. So we went for an early lunch than to McDonalds ;) Later on we went back to catch up with Lillian to go up to Mt. Wellington. Up on the top we were lucky to have an awesome view over Hobart. It was pretty cold on the Mountain!!! After the Mountain we rested at home and got ready for the community and coffee night, which was quiet similar to our pot luck here in Brisbane. There we met all the friends from the L`Arche community form Hobart and we both really enjoyed this evening!

On Thursday we have had an easy day, just relaxing and enjoy ourselves. That was a good time to get some new energy for the next day’s… This evening we went just down the road to order a pizza Hawaiian and some garlic bread from Pizza hut.

On Friday we had a good sleep-in and after breakfast we went out for a walk. On the way back we stop for an ice cream.

Saturday morning we went to the Salamanca Markets to meet Felicity. On the market we brought us a coffee. After we had a good look around, we brought some present for special people. Willy and Tim pick us up from Franklin Square to drive us around Hobart. We saw a lot of interesting places. After that they trooped us off at the Tasmanian Transport Museum. There we saw many railway carriages and trains. After we came back home we went out with Sharon and Tim to a pub in town for tea. After a delicious dinner we went back to house 21 to have tea and coffee and after that we watched together a movie!

On Sunday we went to 8:30 mess at the Scared Heart Church. Danny sang with John in choir. After that John picked us up to go down to his place for lunch. There met his daughter Sarah and his wife Jenny. After the lunch we went with John and his wife for a walk along the beach, which was beautiful!!! Later on we met Felicity and she took us up to Mount Nelson and showed us the beaches. After the sightseeing we went to her place for afternoon tea. Dinner was this day at 40. After dinner Danny, Sharon, Craig and I watched a movie.

On Monday we went out the Cadbury Chocolate factory and later on we went back home to Brisbane!

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