Saturday, June 30, 2018

Living Water Retreat Day 2018

Resources used in the L'Arche Brisbane Community Retreat Day 

30 June 2018

Come to the Circle (John Coleman)
Let us Drink From the River (John Coleman)
Deeper River (Digby Hannah)

Our Community Poem 2017 

Water flowing
full of life
fish, sharks.
We gve thanks for life giving water
freely offered all the time.
We are grateful for
all that God provides,
for even the birds! 
Trees growing by the river.
Running water to drin.
to wash,to clean,
and keep us healthy,
water to care for others.
Let us look after our r,
and the deep river within.
Water fall,
over rocks and stones
sometimes it's rough.
Awaken us

Stillness, waiting,
to ourselves and to others.
we see jesus.
Early morning
Peace, quiet, calmness.
Mindfulness real meaning.
Roaring river
a job to do
Peace of the Lord flowing through me,
God's love speading out
caring for everyone.
Carrying water
carrying Jesus within
Living water within
Gifts of life and beauty
Puddles of joy,
in the rain,
of special people,
places far away
river bends,
sometimes uncertainty, doubt.
in the perspective from above
I give thanks for today
And the great hope for tomorrow
in the sparkles.
The sea, the river, the beach, the waterfall.
We are many, we are one.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Garden Working Bee May 13

Working Bee that will be held at Carina House 12 Lovejoy Street Carina on Saturday 12 May commencing at 9.45amand we hope to finish up at 2pm. You might like to come for all of this time or spend a little time supporting the house to improve their garden.

Front Gardens:
  • Remove weeds, grass and nut grass from garden beds (nut grass should be dug out and not poisoned at this stage)
  • Prune plants (too early to prune roses, but may need attention)
  • Fertilise plants - possibly slow release such as Osmocote or Dynamic Lifter
  • Mulch gardens
Rear Garden:
  • Dig out weeds, including nut grass
  • Loosen soil around plants
  • Fertilise
  • Place newspapers before mulching
Tools required include 
  • Wheelbarrows (there are a few carriers at the home that could be adapted to carry mulch but we need at least two reasonable sized wheelbarrows)
  • Shovels
  • Forks (big and small)
  • Maddock (there is one in the garden shed)
  • Rakes
  • Secateurs
  • Some old newspapers to lay down before mulching.
  • Garbage bags (for weeds)
Lunch will be provided on the day and I would encourage people to bring some water, wear a hat and sunscreen, if you have some good gardening gloves these will also be useful. I have some pairs from previous working bees.
It will be good to see as many people involved in this day as it is a good way to do something together as well as making our house look cared for.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Support L'Arche Australia Fundraiser

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Our 1st Community Gathering for 2018

You are invited to join us at our first gathering for 2018 0n Sunday 28th January at the Roma Street Parklands.

We will meet at the Forest Meadow grassed area. You will find us between the Lakeside Meadow and the Rainforest. Look for the L'Arche Banner and lots of happy people close to this lovely fountain!!!A map of the parkland  is here.

This is a gathering that commences at 4pm and if people would like to bring something to BBQ or to picnic that would be appreciated.We look forward to meeting new and old friends as we begin another year of building community among people living with and without intellectual disability.

We will bring some activities for people to enjoy on the grassy areas.